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Hi everyone. As I nearly compete my programs for JavaScript on July 25th I will be recording my final album before I enter in the workforce. I will always have music in my life and make time to perform and practice but to have decided to release one final record. I plan to release it in 2021 to celebrate releasing music under my name P.V. Herrera. I had a project know as The Danger Girl Starship Experiment from 2007 To 2009. If you follow my music from 2015-2016 I released a album called Visions of Haillee. It didn’t meet my standards so I removed form cannon. It wasn’t that recording wasn’t good I just didnt like the songs that were new. Some songs were songs were Danger Girl Starship songs. So I’m relasing those songs again, all newly recorded by me, on a new cd. There will be 9 songs total. Also hopefully if I remember, June 5th, I will have downloads for name your name since on that day I won’t have to pay bandcamp fees so support me if you can, even if it’s just a $1. Or buy a Cd that you can own and get a free digital download. I think that is a better value. Also, see my reverb shop if there's things to buy from me. You can find in the reverb pedal shop tab.

P.V. Herrera circa 2012. Guitar was a 90's Fender Duo Sonic

P.V. Herrera circa 2018. Guitar is a 1977 Gibson S-1 that has
been modded. Pic by Gunn Shot Media of Arroyo Grande